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aerosol red removable coating front can

Removable Coating, Red – Aerosol, 20 oz can – 6/ case-FREE DELIVERY

SKU: 1709
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Red removable coating.  Dried film is peelable.  Durable.  Formulated to protect surfaces from moisture, acids, salt, corrosion, abrasion.  Dries shinny.  Excellent for paint booths.  Will not damage standard car paint and clear coats; however, always test spray a small area to confirm compatibility before covering large areas.   

6 cans / case.  Weight / case - 8.1#.


DIRECTIONS:  Clean surface.  Shake can vigorously.  Hold nozzle 6" - 18" away from surface to be sprayed and press nozzle firmly.  Spray in a smooth steady motion.  For best results, apply a minimum of 5 thin coats allowing 15 minutes drying time between coats.  When ready to remove dried film - roll up corner and peel.  After each use, invert can and spray a short burst to clear nozzle.   NOT TO BE SOLD IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.


Safety Data Sheet

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