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Water Drops

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply rubberized coatings on my roof in the rain?
    Apply all coatings to clean, dry surface.
  • Can I apply rubberized coatings in my damp rain gutters?
    Will not adhere to wet surfaces.
  • How long do rubberized coatings take to dry?
    These rubberized coatings dry within minutes; however, full cure is not reached for 5- 7 days.
  • Can the aerosols be sprayed indoors?
    Apply in well ventilated areas only.
  • Will rubberized coatings stick to all materials?
    May not work well on some plastics, rubbers, vinyls. Test I small areas first to confirm compatibility.
  • Can I patch holes in my garden hose with Hercules rubberized coatings?
    Rubberized Coatings will not seal vessels under pressure, i.e., hoses, water tanks, swimming pools, etc.
  • How should I prepare the surface before coating?
    The surfaces should be clean, dry, rust free before coating. Most surfaces can be cleaned with a soap and water or pressure washed.
  • In what colors can I purchase RV Rubberized Roof Coating?
  • What is the shelf life of Hercules Products aerosol cans?
    2-5 years.
  • Wha is the shelf life of Hercules Products RV Rubberized Roof Coating?
    2-10 years.
  • How can I clean up over-spray?
    Use mineral spirits and a rag. For larger spills see SDS sheet.
  • Are Hercules Products rubberized coatings safe to use in contact with food?
  • Are Hercules Products rubberized coatings safe to use in fish ponds?
  • Are Hercules Products safe for all surfaces?
    Always make sure the surface is clean, dry & clear of rust. These coatings contain solvent. Always test coating on a small, inconspicuous area to confirm compatibility with the material to be coated.
  • How much area will Hercules Products Black / White / Clear aerosol cover?
    16 - 25 s.f. per can with 1 coat.
  • Can RV Rubberized Roof Coating be used on commercial roofs?
    Yes, it is based on SEBS rubber which has been very successfully used on commercial roofs for many years.
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