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BLACK Anti-Skid Coating- 1 Gal. can - 1 can / case

BLACK Anti-Skid Coating- 1 Gal. can - 1 can / case

SKU: 1701-B
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Black:  Anti-Skid Coating.  Excellent safety enhancing slip resistant traction.  Medium grit.  Water based.  Rubberized.  Acrylic.  Use on ramps, walkways, boat decks, steps, treads, patios, pool decks, bleachers, etc.  Easy to apply with brush or roller.  1 gallon covers +/- 60 s.f.  Waterproofs.  Superior UV resistance.  Excellent adhesion to metals, concrete, stone, tile, asphalt, wood.  Not for use on garage floors or areas with automobile traffic.


Directions:  Mix can.  Make sure aggregate is thoroughly mixed before pouring.  Apply to clean, dry, warm surface with brush or roller.  Allow at least 2 hours between coats.  After each use, replace lid to keep material from drying in can.  Clean up with soap & water.  


Safety Data Sheet

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