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How Rubberized Coating Can Save Your RV Roof

For RV owners, protecting your roof from leaks and deterioration is critical. RV roofs endure a lot of abuse from weather, debris, and more. Over time, this can cause serious roof damage if preventative maintenance isn’t done. Applying a high-quality rubberized coating is one of the most effective ways to save your RV roof.

Protect Against Leaks

One of the biggest threats to RV roof integrity is water leaks. When water seeps through cracks or seams, it can cause moisture damage inside and compromise roof structure. A rubberized coating forms a fully bonded, seamless membrane over your entire roof. This elastic barrier waterproofs and waterproofs the roof by filling cracks and sealing seams. Rubberized coatings prevent leaks to preserve interior ceilings and walls.

Reflect UV Rays

The sun's harsh UV rays can rapidly degrade roof materials, leading to early breakdown. A UV-reflective rubberized coating shields your RV roof from these damaging rays. This keeps the roof materials intact for longer and prevents premature cracking and drying. Reflecting sunlight also reduces roof temperature which further extends the lifespan.

Withstand Impact

Unlike hard tiles or metal roofing, a rubberized coating is flexible and elastic. This means it can stretch and withstand impact without damage. Any rocks, branches, or debris that land on the roof will bounce off rather than puncture through. The coating’s durability protects against dents and punctures to avoid leaks.

Add Wind Resistance

Rubberized coatings are designed to resist high wind and weather extremes. The thick, flexible membrane adds a protective barrier against wind lifting and peeling roof membranes. This extra adhesion prevents blow-offs and shingle loss even at highway speeds or during storms. The coatings reinforce and strengthen the whole roof.

Renew Roof Appearance

Over years of use, RV roofs can take on an aged, weathered look. A fresh application of rubberized coating gives the roof a like-new appearance again. The thick, glossy finish revives dull or oxidized surfaces. With a variety of coating colors available from white to grey and even black, you can restore or change your RV’s exterior style.

Regularly applying a high performance rubberized coating is the best way to save your RV roof from expensive damage down the road. Here at Hercules Products, we offer superior DIY and professional grade coatings to protect any RV roof. Contact us today to learn more about our rubberized roof products!

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