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Tanker fenders were protected with clear removable coating.

Over time, aluminum tanker fenders get stained with tar, paint, grease & road grime. And, it is nearly impossible to ever get the fenders clean. Soap will not remove dried paint and tar. Solvents only smear tar & dried stains.

old aluminum tanker fender
Tanker fender covered with tar and road grime

The solution is to use a peelable (removable) clear coating to protect the fenders before they get stained. Two coats of Hercules Products Clear Removable Coating were rolled on with a standard paint roller. The coating dried clear and smooth. Now the fenders are protected.

Hercules clear peelable coating being rolled on.
Hercules Clear Removable Coating being applied.

In the future, whenever the fenders get stained, the old coating can be removed and replaced. Removal is easy. Just grab a corner and pull it off leaving a clean, like-new surface. Then, re-coat with two coats. This approach can be used on farm equipment, rental equipment, boats, vehicles, etc.

Grab and peel the protective coating
Dried coat peels off
Now the new fender is protected with clear removable coating.
New fender with clear coating

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