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aerosol black marking paint front can

Marking Paint, Black – Aerosol, 20 oz can – 6/case-FREE DELIVERY

SKU: 1707
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Black:  Aerosol Cans, 6 / case, dries in 10-20 minutes. 

A long lasting line paint for parking lots, warehouses, athletic fields.  Can has an Universal "T" spray tip which fits in most competitive marking machines. 

6 cans / case.  Weight / case - 8.1#.


DIRECTIONS:  1. Shake can vigorously until ball comes loose, then shake for additional 30 seconds. 2.  Install can in striping machine.  Adjust height for required paint line width.  3.  Activate spraying by pressing trigger.  4.  Partial cans can be saved and re-used later.  To clean nozzle for re-use - hold can upright and spray a short burst away from person.

5. Always test spray first on grass or artificial turfs to confirm compatibility before spraying large areas.


Safety Data Sheet

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